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Calvin Square

This square is now a very modern and very busy transport hub as most of the original buildings here were destroyed during the Second World War.  The National Museum of Hungary is a two minute walk from here and it was on the steps of the museum in 1848 that Sandor Petofi read out to a large crowd below the famous 12 demands of the people of Hungary in their bid for independence from the Habsburg Empire.  This spurred on the Hungarian Revolution and finally Hungarian independence.  National Commemoration Day is still celebrated on 15 March every year on these steps.

One of the streets running from the square in the opposite from the museum is the very attractive Raday Street, famous for its restaurants, cafes, bars and live music. Partly pedestrianised, it is an especially pleasant place to relax during the summer months, when you can eat and drink on one of the many terraces. 

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